Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weinsteins and Blockbuster Screw Consumers

What the hell is the deal with exclusivity arrangements? I've been supportive of Grindhouse both financially and around the Internet, and what do I find out at Blockbuster last week? The Weinsteins have given Blockbuster an exclusive rental arrangement on all of their films. Of course, as you probably noticed, I was in Blockbuster so I am a customer, but I'm only a customer when I have a weekend where I want to watch several movies (very rare). Netflix is my normal rental company, and before you ask, I don't like them much better than Blockbuster. You can read more here:

So how is this bad for me? Or the Weinsteins? Or Blockbuster?

It's bad for me because I don't much like Blockbuster. They're basically a brick and mortar monopoly around here, and they're overpriced and deceptive to the extreme. Netflix isn't much better, but at least it keeps some competition alive. Aside from that, I might not find out about good Weinstein movies because they aren't available at Netflix.

It's bad for the Weinsteins because a lot of their target audience are probably Netflix subscribers. That's a complete guess, but if you're putting out movies like Clerks II and Grindhouse, you might want a more Internet friendly audience.

For Blockbuster...I'm going to do business with them even less now that I know they're using their size and influence to attempt to lock a competitor out of the market.

Now my only problem is figuring out how to watch a couple of the Weinstein movies featured at Blockbuster without rewarding their arrangement...

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