Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Agenda Pushing Ambulance Chasers

As is always the case, we're already seeing the agenda pushing extremists crawl out of the woodwork as 24-hour news channels fight to fill time during their coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting. Some like Jack Thompson are already out blaming video games before we even know if the guy played video games, but the more dangerous crackpots are the news anchors talking about gun control. Even here in the gun-toting Midwest, a local news reporter mentioned Britain's low gun crime rate, a result of draconian gun laws in a surveillance society. But guess what...if you look around, Britain has a little problem with knives.

One thing that few beyond my family know about me is that I have a concealed carry license. Even though I've had it 2 years now, I've never carried a concealed, loaded firearm. Aside from being generally unconcerned about violence when I'm out and about, it's very difficult for me to carry a gun because the laws would put me in jail if I brought it onto school property. Given I drop my son off at school everyday, it's practically impossible for me to carry a gun and not break a law.

What the media likes to downplay are cases like Pearl, Mississippi, where an assistant principal retrieved a firearm from his car (parked off-campus mind you) and subdued the assailant. What if he could have carried the gun? What if he could have left it in a car parked on campus? Would the death toll have been different?

What if just one person in Norris Hall had a gun?

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