Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adware + School Kids + Substitute Teacher = Porn Conviction?

How is this possible? How can we ruin a woman's life over the rampant security holes in Windows? If you've ever dealt with Spyware and Adware in Windows, you know this woman is most likely telling the truth:

Teacher Convicted in Porn Case; from Yahoo News

Did she make some common sense mistakes? One could make such an argument but to put her in jail for failing to act decisively in the situation is ludicrous. If you want to place blame, work your way up the chain...the school for failing to update filtering software, the school for failing to educate the substitute teacher on how to use the machine, the Adware/Spyware companies for pushing through the porn, and what about Microsoft?

Let's throw out those issues for a moment. What about due process? How can you convict if the defense isn't given an opportunity to present their review of the computer for Spyware or Adware? Is this what our country is coming to? Obviously there's reasonable doubt if an expert reviewed the computer and found Spyware and Adware.

Now, do I actually think Microsoft should be held responsible? No. The Adware/Spyware companies should be held responsible and nobody else. The substitute teacher might need a slap on the wrists for failing to turn off the monitor, but that's about the extent of it.

Is this a case where a jury of your peers (tech. illiterates) is a bad idea?

Defense's Expert Witness Comments on the Case


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