Wednesday, October 04, 2006

IF Update: Day #12 (Fasting)

With a protein heavy day yesterday, I was able to get back down to 197 with 16.5% body fat. For activity, I did 30 minutes of weight training on Day #11 prior to eating breakfast and 45 minutes of Yoga this morning.

If you are interested in Yoga, I highly recommend Yoga Today. Even though some spiritual commentary is mixed in, it's not so much as to provide me any discomfort, and the instructors do an excellent job of leading you through the poses. I use iTunes to download their video podcasts, but you can also get an HD version through their site. The podcast resolution is just enough that it's not too distracting, but you may disagree. I'm hopeful they'll bump up to 640x480 now that iPods and iTunes support it.

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