Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hurricane Katrina Hospital Staff Charged with Murder

In this article, we learn that the Louisiana Attorney General Foti plans to charge a doctor and two nurses with 2nd degree murder due to the deaths of 4 patients at Memorial Medical Center during hurricane Katrina. Mr. Foti alleges that they administered lethal injections to 4 critically ill patients during the crisis.

Now, I'm certainly not here to make a judgment on whether they were right or wrong in doing this. Without being in those circumstances, none of us can possibly know. However, I think we should keep in mind the fact that these women are heroes. They stayed at that hospital at great personal risk to keep patients alive. How many lives did they save by staying at the hospital after the Mayor ordered an evacuation?

The other issue worth consideration is the fact that if they had fled from Katrina like many others (some 20-60% of the police force depending on who you believe), more patients than just these 4 would have died, but they would never have been charged with murder. That sets an interesting precedent for future disasters.



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