Friday, January 07, 2005

Distributed Home Audio Done Right

It looks like someone had some of the same thoughts I've been having. While I just started building my MythTV box last night hoping to customize it for a variety of purposes including whole house audio, someone beat me halfway to the punch.

Sonos has created a beautifully designed wireless system to distribute music throughout your home. Each system includes an amplifier, audio inputs, speaker outputs, a 4 port ethernet switch, and a wireless link to other systems in your home. Using their wireless controller (it's even waterproof), you can direct any PC audio to any Sonos system in your home.

Now, if they'd get video functions onto this same box like a DVD jukebox, recording, etc., I'd be dumping my MythTV development attempts and going with them. Best of luck, Sonos.


At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Don Eber said...

We have 7 zones of Sonos and really could not live without it - the £10/ month Spotify subscription makes music so accessible and a joy.


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