Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Landing idealogically at the borderline between Libertarian and Republican and usually leaning to the Libertarian side, I'm often the guy that defends the rights of smokers and tobacco companies. I was quite surprised several years ago when the lawsuits against tobacco companies started heating up. At the time, I worked next door to an ISP with a web designer with a real addiction. In discussing the issue with him, I put forth my "Libertarian-esque" opinion, and he countered by saying he wished the government would make smoking illegal. Unbelievable...

Regardless of my ideology, I detest smoking and half wish the government would oblige my old friend. The smokers at the paycheck cashing facility downstairs make me run the gauntlet, breath held, to get to the door 2-3 times daily. On one occasion, I had to do so with my 1 year old child who couldn't be told to hold his breath. At the hospital, they greet us with clouds billowing out around the "Smoke Free Environment" signs. What kind of people behave this way?

And then was the nicest day of the year without question. I drove to Sonic for lunch, rolled down the windows, and relaxed for a little bit. Until, of course, a smoker parked upwind from me causing that altered sense of taste for food reminiscent of my early years when there was no smoking section in restaurants.

Is it possible to go so far right in the political spectrum that you come back around the left side? Anti-smoking laws are just sounding way too appealing to me these days...



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