Friday, February 17, 2006

Dreaming and Sleeping

I stumbled onto a couple of interesting items today without any intent on finding them. The first was an article on what's called polyphasic sleeping. In short, it's a system of sleep where you take several naps instead of sleeping all night long. The total time asleep is around 3 hours so you end up gaining 3-6 hours more in your day.

Read about Steve Pavlina's experience with polyphasic sleep...

The second find was a podcast from the same site about Lucid Dreaming. I've actually been Lucid Dreaming for most of my life and always find information about the subject fascinating.

Listen to Amy Pavlina's Podcast about Lucid Dreaming...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Java Ignoring TTL in DNS?

We have an application in production that is running on a recent 1.5 JDK on Linux that recently ran into a problem with DNS. A 3rd party solution provider redesigned their network resulting in an IP address change for a server we were using in the application. Their TTL (Time To Live) for the record was 24 hours so I fully expected the change to take place without incident and put no further thought to it. Now, over a week later, I find out that our application is still connecting to the old IP address.

So, is Java ignoring TTLs in their DNS caching implementation? The underlying OS had the right information so it has to have something to do with Java. Whatever it is, I just had to take the system offline for 5 minutes to get new DNS information.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Movie Trailer: RV

Check out the RV trailer for a good laugh. The movie stars Robin Williams and Jeff Daniels and looks like it should be a riot.