Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hypocrite Series: Giuliani's (Lack of A) Health Care Plan

Today was the big day. Giuliani made the rounds announcing sweeping health care reforms he would implement as President washing away all of the problems without even breaking a sweat. That's right folks. Giuliani treated us to some real moments of genius today as he REITERATED THE SAME GARBAGE HE'S BEEN SAYING IN THE DEBATES. It's a lot like reading Obama's plan. It's the try-not-to-offend-the-base-but-act-like-I-am-actually-doing-something plan.

"So Hap, what's this amazing plan," you ask. To sum it up, it's Bush's plan from his first run for President:
  • $15,000 tax credit for health insurance

  • Technology this, FDA that

  • Malpractice Reform this, HSA that

  • Happy Happy Joy...the market fixes everything

"But Hap," you say, "you like market solutions, tax system equity, malpractice reform, HSAs, and all of the rolly, polly goodness of the Rudy plan."

Alas, tis true, I do like those, but none of it matters if I can't get any ###$#@#$#@$ insurance in the first place. How ridiculous is it that my family's best option in the current health care climate outside of working at a big business with a group health plan is to move to Massachusetts and partake of plan Romney?????

By the way, did anyone notice the little attack on state's rights in Rudy's plan? I certainly did...

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