Friday, July 13, 2007

Hypocrite Series: Calling Out Giuliani on Health Care

On his blog, Giuliani gives this "Bad Medicine" FUD-fest about Moore's Sicko and Clinton's health care plan. Whether this diatribe is true or not doesn't matter much to me. What matters is that Giuliani and others Republicans (save President Bush, oddly enough) refuse to say anything substantive about how they would fix the problems with our health care system. Now that Giuliani has fired a couple of shots across the socialism bow, I think we deserve more than free market this and competition that. Get are you going to deal with pre-existing conditions in the private health care market? How can small businesses compete to hire workers if they can't offer health benefits? How are you going to handle pharmaceutical companies abusing patents to keep drugs like Lovenox at $50/dose?

Answer some of these questions or shut the hell up about health care.

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