Thursday, June 14, 2007

Prosecutors Have Too Much Power

So, a 15 year old girl gives a 17 year old boy oral sex. The 17 year old boy, who apparently has no history of legal trouble, gets a 10 year jail sentence. Huh? This apparently happened due to a poorly worded law on the books in Georgia which has since been corrected. This past week, a judge reversed the conviction calling it cruel and unusual punishment. So here we sit, 2 years later, and the kid can finally get out of jail, right? Wrong...the prosecutor plans to appeal the judge's decision. More from Yahoo News:

Teen Sex Case

What's truly ridiculous is that Wilson should never have been charged with anything in the first place. The system has likely ruined a promising athletic career, and the prosecutor decides to what...have a pissing contest with the judge? Pathetic...but even more disturbing is the intimidation tactic reported in the Yahoo article. If the prosecutor can send Wilson up the river for statutory rape when he was only 2 years older than the "victim", what could he do to the mother of the "victim" if she didn't cooperate?


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