Thursday, April 06, 2006

Alba vs. Playboy

In recent news, Jessica Alba filed suit against Playboy to block distribution of an issue which included her on the cover in an "Into the Blue" promotional photo. Alba contended that Playboy coaxed the shot out of Sony inappropriately and did not have her permission to use her picture. Additionally, Alba felt the cover gave the impression that she was nude inside. Consequently, she wanted the issue pulled from newstands.

Just this week, news comes from both camps that Hefner issued an apology which Alba accepted. In a world where lawyers and litigants have run amok, it's nice to see a couple of big names solving things the old fashioned way. My opinion of both has increased dramatically. You can only imagine how vehemently Hefner's legal staff must have discouraged him from this course of action yet he went forward anyway. And Alba who, right or wrong, felt taken advantage of had the compassion to withdrawl her action.

Nicely done on all counts.


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